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Consultant Behaviour Analyst
Clinical Lead

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emilyI have over 11 years experience working with young people with learning difficulties, and began tutoring on home-based ABA programmes after graduating from my undergraduate degree in Psychology in 2009. Two years later I became a lead tutor, and I began supervising therapy programmes 2 years after that.

I have experience supporting learners of a wide range of abilities between 15-months to 25-years of age, and in a variety of settings including home based programmes, an ABA Saturday school, mainstream schools, and special needs schools. I completed my Masters degree in ABA at Bangor University in 2017, and qualified as a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) in February 2020.

I feel passionate about making effective teaching and behaviour support affordable and accessible to families who are not otherwise able to access effective therapies or support services for their child.

As well as my Masters degree I have completed a number of training courses including:

  • Univeristy of Kent - Understanding Autism
  • Dr Jaime Flowers BCBA - Using Applied Behavior Analysis to Support Learners with ADHD
  • Joy Johnson BCBA - Ethical Supervision from an Autistic Perspective
  • Samantha Parker BCBA - Trauma and Behaviour
  • Heather Kadey BCBA - Assessing and Treating Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder in Children
  • Dr Henry Roane -Implementing a Parent Training Program to Address High-Frequency
    Challenging Behaviours in Children with ASD
  • Dr Andy Bondy - Evidence-based Communication Strategies in ASD
  • Professor Greg Hanley - Treating Severe Problem Behaviour: A Focus on Strengthening Socially Important Behaviour/Developing Effective and Preferred Treatments for Stereotypy
  • Dr Patrick McGreevy – Essential For Living, A Comprehensive Functional Skills Curriculum for Children and Adults with Moderate-to-Severe Disabilities
  • Rob Horner – Improving the Lives of Individuals with Challenging Behaviour through Positive Behaviour Support
  • Autism Training Solutions – Verbal Behaviour Milestones Assessment and Placement Programme
  • Michelle Garcia Winner – Social Thinking
  • Florida Institute of Technology - Adolescents and Adults with Autism
What our parents say about Emily

"Through Open Avenues Emily has helped my son in various aspects ie build his functional skills, activity lists, choice boards, able to recognise and manage his emotions.

Emily is extremely organised, efficient, caring and very competent supervisor. Highly recommend her".

Dr. Daripally

"Emily has been working with us for over 18mths and she is fabulous, she keeps my son’s program in order and stays on top of any issues that may arise, she also trains up my less experienced tutors at preschool and home and does this in a very professional manor without causing any disruption to the setting.

Emily is so enthusiastic about ABA, and the new and exciting techniques that may help our children, she keeps herself up to date with the latest advances and clearly enjoys her job and helping our children reach there potential. She spends a lot of time making resources or looking into alternatives if something isn’t working for my son.

She also has a lot of experience working alongside and carrying out the recommendations of OT and SLT’s which is invaluable for most parents.

I’d happily recommend her to anyone for supervising or training parents and tutors, and she is also great at working with my son.

Mrs Davenport


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