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Behaviour Support

  • Does your child engage in challenging behaviour?
  • Do they let you know what they want by screaming?
  • Maybe they hit you to get your attention?
  • Do you avoid taking them shopping, to restaurants, or to family occasions because of their behaviour?

We can help them to manage their aggression by teaching the child new skills, and teaching you how to respond when it happens. We will be on hand every step of the way to offer support and guidance whenever you need it.


  • Does your child have speech delays?
  • Are they behind their peers in developing spoken language?
  • Do they let you know what they want by pulling you or pointing to things?
  • Or do you have an older child with a learning disability who is struggling to communicate?

At Open Avenues we have experience of teaching a range of communication strategies, including: encouraging vocals and speech clarity; sign language; picture exchange communication; and the use of smart devices.

Life Skills

  • Is your child struggling to dress themselves, or brush their teeth?
  • Do you still have to support your child to wash themselves properly?
  • Are they delayed in toilet training?
  • Do you find yourself constantly having to remind your child how to get themselves ready?

We can support your child to be more independent in their daily living skills, by breaking large tasks down into small steps, and teaching repetitively. We can also offer intensive, systematic toilet training programmes, with regular support available from our hands-on Supervisors.

Social Skills

  • Does your child struggle to hold a conversation?
  • Do they seem unsure how to interact with other children?
  • Do they sit on the sidelines while other children play together, not knowing how to join in?

At Open Avenues we have a comprehensive social skills curriculum to teach your child how to cope in social situations, including: conversation skills; friendship skills; understanding feelings; and understanding other people's perspectives.


  • Is your child behind their peers in reading, or reading comprehension?
  • Do they struggle to hold a pen, or write legibly?
  • Do they lack basic numeracy skills?

Following the EYFS and National Curriculum, we can tutor your child in a way that suits their learning style to help them catch up or keep up with their peers academically.

Alongside all of this, Open Avenues Supervisors are on-hand to give you advice, answer questions, and generally support you and your family.

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