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Applied Behaviour Analysis. "Applied" relates to behaviour that is socially significant. "Behaviour" from an ABA perspective is anything that we do (including speaking, thinking, eating, reading etc). "Analysis" refers to the fact that ABA is data driven. Progress is measured and interventions adjusted accordingly.


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Person-centred. Different reinforcement than TD individuals.


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Parent’s own values, teach to cope with others’ agenda (real world examples e.g. restaurants, shops – link to QoL (give example of a QoL assessment, what we should be aiming for as adults?) Collaborative – always working with parents to work on goals that are meaningful for the individual and for parents.


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No – respect needs and voice of child. Prioritise choice/communication. Pairing. Some structure, but the world is structured – at a pace that suits the child, will learn to follow some structure. Not making them do what they don’t want to do.


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Parents can tutor. Family can tutor. Agencies/advertise. Get in touch.




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