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Junior ABA Supervisor

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sophieI have always had a passion to help others and find a career where I can make a difference and it was whilst undertaking my degree in Psychology where I became extremely interested in the field of autism. Shortly after my graduation, I discovered ABA and immediately knew this was the career for me. I began tutoring in 2014 and became a lead tutor the following year gaining experience working with learners with autism between 2-18 years of age in a variety of settings.

I have developed such a love for ABA and it is wonderful to see the positive impact it has on not only the individual receiving the therapy, but also the entire family. I think ABA is fascinating and it is so rewarding to see individuals I work with achieve great things. 

After 5 years of being a tutor/lead tutor, I wanted to progress from this and begin the path towards the BACB qualification so I undertook my Master’s Degree in ABA at Queen’s University, Belfast, graduating in 2020 with Distinction. Following maternity leave I began an exciting role as a Junior ABA Supervisor with Open Avenues, that will enable me to take on a more independent role with the goal to become a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. 


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